My name is Andrew Hughes and I until recently was an arable farmer from North West Hampshire. UK. I have since moved to a smaller farm in Devon where I am setting up a wildlife reserve and educational centre near Tiverton. In the spring of 2010 whilst taking many photographs around the farm I thought how wonderful it would be to produce a photographic record of as much of the flora and fauna as I could gather. So this is my record of those endeavors and all images have been taken on the estate.
I was interested in monitoring population changes from one year to the next on the 700 hectare farming estate I manage. Also I wished to improve my knowledge of how my farm husbandry methods affect the habitat and food sources of the wildlife that share the estate.
I am confident that when I left the Estate in 2014, the bio diversity had improved remarkably This was mainly due to the amount of environmental improvements that we implemented with the support of Natural England. I will take the knowledge gained at Trinley Estate with me to provide a more intense site for wildlife in Devon.